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Nicotine Gum: Does It Really Work? Part 4

You can also use meditation.  While you are pondering you will pay attention on not having a cigarette again.  You need to tell your brain while in the subconscious state that it does not need nicotine.   

You can also use a mantra, like “I am a non smoker. I do not need to smoke another cigarette” in order to program your mind to dismiss the need for smoking entirely.
The other form of quitting smoking by hypnosis is by hiring a certified hypo-therapist to do the actual hypnosis and to supply your mind with the thoughts that smoking is bad for you, and that you do not need to smoke any more. 

Nicotine Gum: Does It Really Work? Part 3


Many who wish to quit smoking would appoint to use a more natural method than replacing one form of nicotine with another or replacing nicotine with herbs.   

One of the most favourite and effective methods to quit smoking is by using hypnosis. 
Hypnosis is a great natural method as works with the mind to help kick the habit as well as the addiction.   

There are two forms of hypnosis that can be used to help to quit smoking. 
This works by training the mind to forget about the cigarettes.  You are basically training your mind to become a non smoker.

Nicotine Gum: Does It Really Work? Part 2

Even some of the flavored gum has a taste that has been compared to lick an ashtray.  This can put some people off of using them gum regularly.

More and more, the taste is being improved upon so that this will be not a matter of concern in the future.  For now, if you can get past the taste, you will have a better chance at quitting smoking by using a gum substitute than with trying quit smoking without using any aids at all.

Nicotine Gum: Does It Really Work? Part 1

Other popular quit smoking aid is the nicotine gum.  The gum is a safe and impressive way to get the nicotine into the body to help stop the cravings connected with stopping smoking.   

The nicotine can take up to an hour to be absorbed into the system, and up to twenty pieces of gum can be chewed in a day.  For that is a pack a day smoker, this will be equal to smoking a pack as you would instead chew a piece of gum instead of having the cigarette.  

Stop smoking gum also helps with the oral fixation many smokers acquire.  

Chantix Warning

Chantix or Varenicline has been displayed as the easy guide to quit smoking. It makes smoking an easier concern to overcome, and was slated to become the next cessation pill who allowed people to bypass the normal nicotine withdrawal symptoms.  

Unfortunately, there is now evidence that Chantix can cause blackouts, people attempting to commit suicide and with others committing suicide.

There is a class-action suit in progress for people who have become victims of this latest cessation pill. Chantix is only the second pill to deal with the problem of smoking and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  

The Pill

If you are not convenient with the patch process, you can also use the quit smoking pills who are on the market today.  Many of these kinds of pills are thought over herbal reserves and work in the same way as the herbal patches do.

They offer an optional to nicotine so that the body thinks it is getting the nicotine when, in It. It is getting an herbal substitute.  While your body is getting the nicotine substitute whom it craves, you can begin to work on the habits that also keep you smoking.

There can be side against property associated with herbal pills, nothing life threatening, but they can cause minor side affects such as diarrhea.  This is not a huge factor since smoking will do much more injury than a loose stool.

Herbal Patch

Another type of the patch is an herbal patch  This patch uses time absolved herbs that give the same stimulus that nicotine does without using real nicotine.   

This type of drug substitution is much safer as the compounds used are all natural herbs and there is no nicotine being offered to the users of these patches.  An addiction to these patches will not appear as they do not contain any addicting substances.